Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc

Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc (TOP) is no longer an organic certifying body, having merged with Australian Certified Organic from 1st April 2015. This merger strengthens opportunities for organic producers in Tasmania and offers greater support for producers wanting to switch to organics to take advantage of the industry’s growth and opens up opportunities for members wishing to access international markets.

The TOP Brand

With 25 years of operation TOPʼs membership has reflected the wonderful variety that is Tasmaniaʼs agricultural landscape - from fruit and vegetables to grain, dairy and meat. The value of the Tasmanian brand is recognised by ACO and will continue to be promoted, with the logo still able to be used by Tasmanian producers meeting the TOP Standard, alongside the ACO ‘Bud’label.

TOP's Future

TOP will continue as an organisation to promote the Tasmanian organic industry, taking over the role formerly played by the Organic Coalition of Tasmania. Membership is open not just to producers but to anyone sharing the passion for the values and benefits of organic production. The cost of membership is $50pa.

How to Apply for Organic Certification

To seek information or to apply for organic certification with ACO, the website is www.aco.net.au . Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link on the home page, mark the relevant boxes and give your contact details to receive an information package.